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_Center for the Development of Creative Projects, Almere Haven. Netherlands.

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The building responds to the necessity to create job opportunities for people who have to move to Amsterdam or Almere Centrum to work, loosing 1’30 hours per day average of their time. It is a work-space building, a place to develop ideas and business. An industrial building appearence would be appropriate for this office-laboratory program.

The traditional construction in the Netherlands is based on sloped roofs because of its characteristic rainy climate.
The project uses this as a reference, making a succession of pitched roofs with the purpouse of integrating the building into the surroundings, being just one building more in town. Also, this mechanism is used to interrupt the block, transforming it perceptively into a medium scale project, according to the size of the neighboring buildings; and taking advantage of the inclination to gain the most energy possible with solar and fotovoltaic panels looking to the south, and skylights to iluminate selected spaces looking to the north.

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