_Professor’s Assistant at José Manuel López-Peláez Teaching Unit, Polytechnic University of Madrid. _2011-2012
_Assistant Professor at Workshop ‘Simmetries’ in Rome, Italy. _January 2012

_Iñaqui Carnicero. architecture office _2011-2012
-Technical Assistant in the develop of the ’39 social dwellings in Vallecas’. Construction and final project.
-Collaboration as Team Manager in Europan 11 and Sculptures Museum in Leganés competitions.

_Herzog & de Meuron _Basel, Switzerland _2010-2011
-351 _Construction Documents. Barranca, Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo de Guadalajara, México.
-327 _Design Development. Porta Volta Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan, Italia.
-365 _Concept Design. Tehuamixtle, Conceptual Masterplan. Mexico.
-362 _Concept Design-Schematic Design. Novartis, Virchow 4. Basel, Switzerland.
-151 _Exhibition. H&deM exposition at Küppersmühle Museum of Art. Duisburg, Germany.

_ICA arquitectura s.l.p. _2009
-Ministerio de Cultura Building Refurbishment in Madrid.
-58 Social Dwellings in Tres Cantos, Madrid.
-UPM-CSIC Polytechnic University Research Center in Valdelacasa. Alcobendas, Madrid.

_Solid arquitectura / soto-maroto arquitectos _2007-2009
-Collaboration at the develop and team managing for different competitions and projects.

_María Cornejo Arquitecta _2008
-Construction Documents. Develop of a singular house in León, Spain.

_Tam Tam. taller de arquitectura _2003-2007
-Collaboration in drawings, models, photography and project presentations.